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Trust issues

Trust is consistently proved over time and definetely earned in some kind of form. Sometimes, trust is broken due to being let down, dissappointed, taken for granted, or abused. How do we and should we trust that person again? How can we be trusted again? Most people find it helpful to visit a professional to be sort of like a "coach" when it comes to trust issues. I've provided some questions to ask yourself below before you make a decision about seeing a professional like myself on trust issues:

1) Are you willing to do whatever it takes to allow trust to occur again?

2) Has the other person you may have broken the trust with indicated an

interest in another chance with you?

3) If the answer to #2 is yes, then can you be completely honest about

what happened and be willing to answer any questions they have?

4) Are you willing to do some self-exploration to discover what may have

contributed to this situation?

If you answered yes to all four questions - you're on the road to regained trust. If you answered no to one or more questions, don't fret - positive change can still happen. In either case, I recommend calling for an appointment to help you through this bump in the road.

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